New Packaging, Old Book

Nora Roberts - Divine Evil

 There is something that is engaging about a Nora Robert’s novel, the writing is concise and the story moves along at a reasonable pace. 
The story is about Clare, famous sculptor returns home and steps straight back into a murder mystery. She has help in the local Sheriff, Cameron Rafferty and naturally enough there is fireworks between the two.  As the story progresses their attraction and the mystery deepens.

Roberts is great at capturing small town life and creating believable characters. There is a sense of warmth, familiarity with the people and that really does help you escape into the novel. There were times when the book did drag a little bit but you could easily skim those tracts of passage.

This is comfort reading at its best and when you do not want to struggle over words and details then Roberts provides the right distraction. I mean that as a compliment as you need authors like Roberts as they produce readable and enjoyable escapism.
I had brought this as a ‘new’ book but I should have checked the publication date as it was a repackaged novel. Not the best thing when you have given the book as a present.