Keeper of Mysteries

The Secret Keeper - Kate Morton
I had read one Kate Morton novel previously and I enjoyed the read. This book was in some ways a disappointment. I was all of a quarter through the book and the light bulb went on and I knew exactly where this was going. I am not going to spoil for anyone but for me it was way too obvious.
I like Morton's writing style, it is a bit like comfort food as you can wallow yourself in this rather guilty pleasure. The characters are well realised but I just did not find this group as endearing. Laurel was okay and really was just the curious person about the past. I think I felt the present plot line not as engaging as the plot line in the past. I did not really care about Molly's daughters I wanted more of Molly's story.
I enjoyed the book, it was good read but it just did not grab me like her previous effort.
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