Quite simply a classic

Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier
Virago Modern Classics 2003, 428 pages

It is a classic novel, it has had countless of words written about it and the opening line is famous. So what insight can I add to what is considered an all-time classic novel? All I can tell you is what I love about the novel.
I love how Du Maurier has created a novel with atmosphere, amazing characters and a wonderfully complex plot. The star of the novel is Rebecca who we only come to know through the recollections of others. What makes Rebecca wonderful is how invasive she is. Though dead for over a year Rebecca is everywhere, tainting everything, impacting everyone and still influencing the outcome of everyone and everything. Even though so many love her, you know that there is something sinister about Rebecca.
It is amazing story, a wonderful read and so beautifully crafted.