Australia invaded

The Third Day, The Frost 
John Marsden
Pan McMillan, 1995, 278 pages
This is the third book in a trilogy that went on to become a seven book series.  I picked up this book for the bargain price of $1 (I love country second hand junk shops) and it was a good investment.
The story is about a group of Australian high school kids who have found themselves out in the bush trying to fend for themselves after an invasion by an unnamed Asian country. Instead of capitulating and becoming victims, the group uses guerrilla tactics to cause mayhem.
In this book we catch up with the group who are recovering from another successful mission but they are reeling from the loss of a friend and suffering post-traumatic stress disorder.  It is in these early moments of the book that you see the toll that has been taken on the group both physically and mentally. The dynamics of the group are shifting, while they remain committed to their objectives, they are tired and have had enough.  They decide to try and hurt the enemy hard and make a decision to hit the shipping port. What follows is a roller coaster of adventure, danger and sacrifice.
The story is told from Ellie’s point of view and while she is engaging at times it would have been good to know what was happening in the heads of the other characters. Marsden writes with great pace and captures the world of teenager mind extremely well. I really enjoyed the Australian slang as it gave authenticity to the world.
This is a great read, you can do it as a standalone but you will want to find out what happens next.