Trolls and Princess

Norwegian Folk Tales
Illustrated by Erik Werenskiold and Theodor Kittelsen
From the collection of Peter Christen Asbjornsen and Jorgen Moe
Publisher: Dreyers Forlag, Oslo 1978

I picked up this up at second hand book fair for the bargain price of $2. It was well worth the price and then some.

This is a wonderful little hardback of 35 Norwegian Folk tales that are beautifully illustrated. Some of the stories are similar and there is quite a bit of Christian references through them.

My favourite tale was 'The Ram and the Pig who went into the woods to live by themselves' which has some wonderful lines such as 'with chat and quack one builds neither house nor shack.' Or my other favourite line was 'good advice and skill will help a lame man up a hill' and last one 'for a good neighbour is better than a brother in a far off land'.

What you learn from folk tales is that you do not offer to share your meal the consequences can be dire and that being poor is never a barrier to finding a Princess as a wife.

These are fun and enjoyable.