Bogeyman Fun

Fungus the Bogeyman - Raymond Briggs
Penguin, 35th Anniversary edition

Oh Fungus, how I love thee.

I remembered this book as a child, as an adult I had to find a copy and I did. The book was more a revelation this time around.

Fungus lives an ordinary life, he gets up, gets prepared for work, makes the commute, does his job and wonders what is it all about? That is what I loved this time around, Fungus did not know why he scares people, why he puts boils on them and why he does this day after day.

While Fungus tries to figure life out, we are treated to an exploration of his world. We learn the many ways bogeymen relax from fishing to gardening, to drinking at the local pub. We even have a lesson in bogeymen relationships and it is all done with a deft touch of humour.

The pictures are fantastic and this is a gem of a book. This book was first produced in 1977 and it really is remarkable for its time.

It is not for everyone's taste, I mean you have to be keen on slime, pus and muck but hey, that is what makes a bogeyman happy.