Not too heavy, not too light but not quite right

The Heist by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

As I picked this novel from the shelf, I looked at all the other books that had been co-authored and I really did begin to wonder if what I was buying was the brand name or a good tale? I also really did think about how much pen to paper, did Evanovich contribute 10% or 90%? Should I not know how much the headline author actually contributed? I do not make this a criticism of Evanovich but there is a proliferation of big name writers entering into co-authoring partnerships.  For me it makes it difficult to say if this an Evanovich novel or not, there are certain elements that ring of her style but there were elements lacking.
The story is about Kate O’Hare and Nick Fox (I mean really the old fox chasing the hare was a tad obvious and not clever) she is a FBI agent and he is the con-man thief she has been chasing for some time. Well you know somehow they are going to be working together and the sexual tension is going to be zinging off the walls. I know a few other people have made references to Leverage as something comparable but in the opening chapters I was thinking Castle. Instead of a famous author giving the cop grief it was a jewel thief.

This book is really about the two main characters and they have to work well for you to want to continue. Kate is dedicated in her work life but really struggles with her social and love life. She is independent, can eat like a horse, knows how to throw a punch and draw a gun.  Kate is as tough as nails and just needs a man to find the softer side of her. Nick Fox is all charm, sure of himself, he knows how to live the high life, and owns several luxurious properties, dizzyingly handsome and devoid of any flaws. That is the problem he is just too perfect at everything.  I just did not feel any connection with the characters because they were never in peril, never likely to loose and never likely to do anything but succeed. As much as the Plum novels in some ways have become tedious what was missing was the chaotic mess of a plan gone wrong.
The secondary characters are not bad, each with their foibles but only Willie really comes off the page with any conviction.  All the characters come across to me as interesting but they have been given some special power to help the story along its way.

What is missing from this book is the humour that I have come to appreciate with Evanovich, those laugh out loud moments. In fact there is only one moment that really worked for me and it was when Kate captures Nick. Apart from that the funny bits just did not seem to be there.

The book is light on, not a lot of detail and that is okay. I read this book cover to cover in a couple of hours and at completion I was like it was okay. It was a good vacation read not too heavy, not too light but not quite right.
For more information you can visit Janet Evanovich's website or Lee Goldberg's website