Crime time Sunday with one regret

Crimson Lake (Crimson Lake #1) by Candice Fox
Paperback, 389 pages Published January 30th 2017 by Penguin Books Australia
You have been accused of a heinous crime, the murder and rape of a child, you are police officer, you have no alibi and your family and friends all believe you are guilty. For Ted Conkaffey he went from having it all to a man trying to keep a low profile in the backwaters of Cairns. He becomes involved with convicted killer Amanda Pharrell, who even though she has a long history with Crimson Lake manages to establish her own investigative agency. The two become involved trying to determine what has happened with local missing author Jake Scully.
Fox knows how to write a rapid fire engaging thriller that keeps you flicking the pages. She is able to carefully place clues and hints through out the text and this keeps the twists and turns coming.
The characters are complex, struggling to hold it all together and wonderfully flawed.
Fox has certainly created a couple of characters that many will be interested to see where there next adventure is coming from.
To read more about Candice Fox check out her webpage.

The Hidden Hours by Sara Foster 
Paperback, 384 pages Published April 1st 2017 by Simon & Schuster AU
On as fateful night, Eleanor, a new EA to Nathan Lane who is a head honcho at Parker and Lane, she meets his wife Arabella at a Christmas Party. Later that night Arabella ends up in the river Thames dead. Eleanor has large gaps in her memory of that night and is also struggling with a traumatic childhood event.
I started this book, I made my way through about 100 plus pages and then skimmed read the rest. Why? I am over, women with complicated pasts, who find themselves involved in an incident and have no memory of the said incident. That the narrator is so unreliable and so insipid that you just don't care.
Sara Foster's writing is snappy and descriptive. I applaud Foster for trying to tackle these big issues but the character of Eleanor just did not work for me. That made it difficult to engage with the rest of the story.
For me, this was just not my cup of tea and that is okay. As others have loved the book and I understand why.