The Nest - dysfunctional families at optimal level

The Nest
by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney 

Kindle Edition, 416 pages Published March 22nd 2016 by The Borough Press

Well this is a challenge to review for a number of reasons, the main one that at the conclusion, I had no idea really what the story was about.
You start off with a problem, Leo Plumb has been involved in a car accident with a young woman. The ramifications is that the family financial nest is raided to pay for the young woman's medical bills and the rest of the family to put it mildly is pissed that they have lost their inheritance. They want Leo to make good and put the money back.
None of this happens. So what does happen?
You are introduced to a host of characters, all who have a story to tell. Those characters keep coming and by chapter 17 they are still coming. The problem was that though some of these characters are necessary, none of them drive the story forward and some disappear with no fanfare. The matriarch of the family appears at the beginning, tells them she has raided the family nest to pay for Leo's accident and then disappears from the story. All the characters are linked but really that is it.

The writing is engaging, the descriptions are vivid, and D'Aprix Sweeney captures speech really well. I enjoyed reading the book, the writing made easy to slip into the pages. Yet I find the story disappointing as it really went nowhere. You travel with this group people, you watch their lives and then you come to a resolution of sorts. It was a bit disappointing in the end.

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