A good ending for a new beginning

Hidden Killers (Jane Tennison #2) by Lynda La Plante 

Paperback, 496 pages, Published October 20th 2016 by Simon & Schuster UK

The second book in what would be called the Jane Tennison origin series. Tennison has finally finished her probation and has started working at Bow Street as a Detective Constable.

Tennison finds herself attending the scene of what is called an accidental death but she knows something is amiss. What is wrong with the scene Tennison can not clearly identify and she starts to investigate. While trying to start in her new career her days associated with Hackney are not over. A case is about to go before the courts where a man is accused of a series of sexual assaults and a vicious rape that occurred some time ago. Yet, Tennison is not sure that the arrest was above board and suspects that evidence may have been planted.

It is in this book that the character of Jane Tennison we know through the books and associated TV series begins to emerge. There is still the insecurity, the doubt but the tough minded resilience and ability to interpret a crime scene comes to the fore.

This is a really good read and it is easy to lose yourself in the world. La Plante manages to casts her characters in multiple shades of grey and it does not matter whether they are the good or bad guys. In La Plante's world they are all flawed and their moral compass can sometimes go askew.

It will be interesting to see if there is another novel to come but I found this one to be a good ending to a character's beginning. You know where Jane Tennison came from, what drives her and how she is determined to succeed.

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