Humans take on the supernatural

Toward a Secret Sky
by Heather Maclean
Hardcover, 368 pages
Expected publication: April 4th 2017 by Blink

Maren greets us in the worse of situations as she stands at the graveside of her mother. Finding herself an orphan she is moved from the United States to Scotland to live with her estranged Grandparents.
Struggling to come to terms with the death of her mother and adjusting to a new life, Maren is further disturbed by her dreams. Maren receives a parcel from her mother which contains a mysterious journal and a letter saying her life is in danger. From here Maren becomes involved in a mystery and of course there is a romance.
I have to admit that I am finding this book very difficult to review. There is so much to like about the story, it has an original twist and the world building is really good. However I am not sure that the balance between the romance and mystery has the right mix.
The area that I found difficult was the romance as is was just too sudden and too deep. As a reader you are just not allowed the time to watch a romance develop, you do not ride the waves of will it or won’t it happen. There is no tease of the reader, making us wanting the relationship to work. No, from the moment Maren meets Gavin she is single minded in her desire for him and it is completely blind. This means that the other love interest Graham does not have any development at all and that is a shame.
Maren as a character is difficult to get a handle on. At times she is a highly capable young woman who can solve puzzles, make decisions and is not afraid to stand for herself. Then there is the Maren who is so completely lovesick that as her best friend lies dying back home, she wants to discuss a kiss with Gavin. Sometimes her priorities are too focussed on Gavin and not the danger around her.
As the start of a series there is a considerable amount of promise that story will develop and evolve. The battle between two warring factions and the inclusion of the Abbey give the series some great scope to expand a deliver a thrill to readers.