Urban Fairy Land

City of Shadows (London Fae #2) by Pippa DaCosta
Published July 7th 2016 by Bloomsbury Spark 

This is the second book in the London Fae series and I have to admit I have not read the first book. To be honest you there is no real need to read the first in the series and DaCosta does a great job of bringing you up to speed. However, if you want to lose yourself in the series, go back to the first book and discover the detail behind how we came to the second novel. It will certainly enrich your reading experience.
Alina is the protagonist who has betrayed a friend Andrew by consuming his draiocht which seems to pass on memories and allows a person to become bespelled. As an act of atonement for her behavior Alina commits to finding his missing sister. To discover the sister's whereabouts Alina joins the organization that is also determined to destroy her and she becomes involved in a high stakes game of life and death.
DaCosta has built a believable world with a group of characters that diverse and interesting. The plotting is fast paced with little time as a reader for you to draw breath. Reign and Samuel provide Alina with strong counterpoints as she tries to understand her own powers and limitations. Alina has a power she does not know how to harness, is quick to react, quick to act but somehow seems to land in the right place at the right time. For all the characters their complexity is based more on their relationships with each other than their own internal demons.
For fans of the urban fantasy romance genre (is there such a thing?) your expectations will be surpassed. DaCosta has crafted a series that has a strong believable world with interesting characters and that will have you ripping through the pages.