Crime is on my mind

Ink and Bone - Lisa Unger
Hardcover, 352 pages Published June 7th 2016 by Touchstone 

Lisa Unger has crafted a fast paced, engaging, dark, thrilling, absorbing psychological novel that has plenty of twists and a couple of well-crafted surprises for the reader.
From the outset you are thrown into the deep end as a young girl Abbey fights for survival and you know that nothing good is coming from this. As you are preparing to tumble of the chasm into darkness, Unger brings into Finlay who is coming to terms with her psychic abilities under the tutelage of her Grandmother Eloise.
This is the real edge of your seat stuff and Unger as a writer has masterfully woven a thriller that has plenty of layers. You explore the grief, guilt and anguish of families who suffer the curse of not knowing what has happened to their child. It is harsh reading as the emotions are raw with the torment of that never ending hope their child is still alive.
The characters are complex, loaded with baggage, have stacks of flaws and this makes them all very real. Finlay who the story gravitates around is a young woman trying to come to term with not just her powers but gaining an understanding of who she is. She is certainly a strong character to develop a series on if Unger chooses to do that. Eloise is staunch, supportive and a good counter to Finlay’s gung-ho attitude. The girl who is central to the mystery is well crafted as are the parents who are at a crucial point of their relationship.
Unger throws in plenty of clues and keeps you guessing. This is one roller coaster of a read.
Thanks to Touchstone for the early read for information on Lisa head over to her website.

The Stranger Beside Me: Ted Bundy The Shocking Inside Story - Ann Rule 
Kindle Edition, 578 pages, Published November 28th 2012 by Planet Ann Rule  (first published 1980) 

Ann Rule's in depth look and her own personal involvement with murderer Ted Bundy was originally published in 1980 and has become a true crime classic. Over the years the book has been updated and this a culmination of those revisions.

I knew of Bundy, I knew of his crimes but I had never read anything of detail about what he had done until now. So coming to Rule's telling of the events has been interesting. Not only does she look at Bundy but explores the characters of the police and Bundy's supporters. It is an interesting look at the entire life of a criminal investigation.

The main thing is everyone wants a reason to understand how Bundy become like he was and the could I have stopped it from happening question. Rule crosses over both these issues and tries to ascertain an answer for both.

It is an interesting read and Rule does a remarkable job to try and unravel the complexities of Ted Bundy.