There should be more short story collections

Trigger Warning - Neil Gaiman
Paperback, 352 pages Published February 3rd 2015 by Headline

I may be a bit naïve but the art form that is the short story does not seem to be supported by the publishing world which is a real shame as Neil Gaiman makes you realise how special short stories are. 

Gaiman has created 24 stories though not following any theme is a collection that is vibrant, diverse, scary, engaging, funny and a couple of surprises. Being a huge fan of Gaiman’s works some of the stories I had read elsewhere but it was nice to revisit them. 

However I would say The Sleeper and the Spindle is best read as the illustrated work.  It is hard to pick a favourite but here are some that I really enjoyed:

The Thing about Cassandra – when a fictitious girlfriend becomes real and it is a delightful twist. 
The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountain – I had read this previously but a wonderful story about a man who seeks the truth about his daughter (and I am trying hard not to give anything away). 
Orange – I loved this story, I loved the interview style and I loved how the desire to be orange becomes all consuming. 
A Calendar of Tales – a mixed bag of twelve tales that are engaging. 
The Case of Death and Honey – when you are the world’s greatest detective what is the greatest mystery of all to solve? The mystery of death itself.
Click-clack the Rattlebag – scary, simply scary. 
And Weep, Like Alexander – a wonderful story that I found funny when one person has the power to remove items from history that have been troublesome. 
Nothing O’Clock – when a time travelling Doctor makes an appearance. 
Observing the Formalities – Maleficent explains the formalities.
Black Dog – Shadow from American Gods makes a reappearance and it was wonderful to catch up with this character. 

This is solid collection that really demonstrates Gaiman’s impressive imagination and will transport you into fantastical realms.