Is it Castle or Heat?

Deadly Heat

Richard Castle
Kindle Edition, 294 pages, Published September 17th 2013 by Hyperion

This is the fifth book in the series and while enjoyable it was a bit disappointing.
Heat and Rook are trying to solve a serial killer, a bioterror plot and tie up the loose ends of her mother's murder. There is a lot going on and the writer is able to keep us entertained and keeps the novel moving forward and a good pace. This is a good solid crime thriller and does not disappoint in that respect.
What disappoints for me is the melding between the TV show Castle and the books means that the characters are almost indistinguishable of each other. The earlier books you really did feel like you were getting a bonus with Heat and Rook being similar but still different. In this book if you substituted Heat for Beckett and Rook for Castle it would not matter. They are way too similar and for me that was the disappointment.
I liked the original concept, I like the crimes and I like the banter between the leads. Still a good series to lose yourself in.