The Serpent of Eridor

The Serpent of Eridor by Alison Gardiner
Paperback, 272 pages Expected publication: January 28th 2015 by Troubador Publishing Ltd

Alex’s parents are missing and they have sent him a message that he needs to meet a person on an island who can help. Leaving behind his nasty Aunty, packing his hamster Skoodle, Alex’s begins the journey. Travelling by boat to find the man who can help, Alex is attacked by an assassin. In the middle of a typhoon, Alex takes off in a lifeboat to avoid his attacker and finds himself of an island where the animals can speak. The hamster, the monkey, the bear, the snake and Alex are off on adventure to return a jewel.

This Gardiner’s first novel and is a solid effort. The world that she has created is vibrant and believable. The characters are well fleshed out and have their own strengths and weakness.
Where the novel did not work for me was in the telling of the story. There needed to be a less is more approach as at times too much information is provided and it does not drive the story forward. The tour of the Magician’s home went on and could have been culled down. The ending was disappointing as a row after row of character seemed to line up and confess. What this did was made the ending come across as rushed and trying to tidy and set up the next story.

Gardiner has a wonderful imagination and has created a fascinating world. Some additional trimming and tightening of the novel would help it along.  

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