Ghosts, Stories, Lies and Truth

The Thirteenth Tale 
Diane Setterfield

Orion Publishing 2006 408 pages

Not really sure what I thought about this book. I knew there was a lot of hype and I am not sure why. 

This is a story about two women, Margaret a part time biographer who works selling books in her father's store and Vida Winter a famous novelist. Vida wants to tell the true story of her life and has requested Margaret to be the writer. What unfolds is a mystery with a gothic feel and a story of lies, truth and stories. There is some humour in the book, I liked when the Doctor prescribed Sherlock Holmes as a cure to reading too much Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights etc. I find the story predictable, the direction obvious and was able to figure it all out fairly quickly.
Vida Winter is a wonderful character as she reveals the truth. You understand why she needs to divulge the secrets she holds. On the other hand  I was not wholly convinced by Margaret. I just found her not as well developed and her motives for being involved were tenuous.
The book is a good solid read is engaging but I do not understand all the hype. 

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